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Latina Teen Honeys

The prettiest and sexiest Latina Teens you have ever seen

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October 24 2011
Posted by latinteencash  [ 07:08 ]

You know her, you love her, its Gigi. Gigi is the one honey that seriously keeps me on my toes. I never know what to expect from this one. Today?s Gigi adventure involved her showing up unannounced to my apartment with a see through hot pink tank top and a micro denim skirt on. I asked her if she was going on a date and she said and I quote, ?yea. I?m going on a date with my pink vibrator up on your roof and you?re gonna take pics of it.? With that she barged into my apartment, grabbed a bottle of water and took off for the roof. I barely had time to grab my camera before she was starting to take her top off and pull her skirt up. Gigi clearly needed to cream hard. I?ll let these pics speak for themselves since there really isn?t much more to say. I should call this photo set horny Gigi because it?s basically what it is. Log on and watch as she pinches her nipples, gets her wet crack wet and fucks herself on her back, on her stomach, on all fours and every which way in between. When she finally finished she said she was reading your fan mail and it got her all turned on and she wanted to know that her fans got to watch her get off for them because it was you that got her turned on in the first place. Welcome to the world of Gigi. Enjoy? Click here to see more!

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October 10 2011
Posted by latinteencash  [ 07:01 ]

Fresh new talent alert! Log on and check out Luna. You won?t see her anywhere else but here at Pacinos Adventures. Bringing you the stars of tomorrow today. Luna is a check out babe at a big chain supermarket. She may look sweet and innocent in her green work apron but I could tell by the way she cracked her gum and twirled her hair that she had a wild side to her. I was stocking up on snacks for my hotel room but I pulled the wait I need something scheme. So I ran to the pharmacy section and picked up a bottle of lube/massage oil just to see her reaction. She rang it up, leaned over the counter, squeezed her milk cans together and asked if I needed anything else with that. So I gave her my card and told her only you. No joke two hours later I was on the phone with Luna and she told me of a park to meet her at. All I can say is that Luna is gonna be a big star some day. She had on this cute plaid tie and skirt set with no panties. Luna?s nineteen-years-old so her body is smoking. Since she came straight from work she didn?t have time to shave fresh so you can see her little pubic hairs growing in on her tight little wet crack. Luna really shocked me when she asked if I brought the lube I bought. Of course I didn?t but she said it didn?t matter that she was soaking wet anyway. With that she started to fuck herself with this little pink vibrator that she had in her bag. I never would have expected her to go all out on her first shoot but Luna didn?t disappoint. Destined for stardom, log on and catch her here first as she sucks her own ball cream off her beautiful little vibrator. Click here to see more!

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September 30 2011
Posted by latinteencash  [ 06:55 ]

Lets face it. All the beauties at La Zona Modelos are exhibitionists but Gaby may be the biggest. She literally LOVES to get naked for you all. Gaby has told me on more than one occasion that she totally gets off on the fact that guys jack off to her pictures online. She says her biggest fantasy is to watch a stud sit down and work his dong as he looks at one of her picture sets. She says she wants him to cream on his monitor and then she wants to get on his desk, spread her wet crack and have him eat her till she cums in his mouth. What can I say, its Gaby and she?s a dirty little trollop. Proving my point, Gaby never wears clothes in this shoot. She called me over to her house and she had just gotten out of the shower when I got there. Gaby was horny as hell and she wasted no time fingering her love bud and rubbing her clit for the camera. Apparently Gaby had been playing with her toys all day and they were all in the dishwasher getting clean. Fingers weren?t enough for her though so Gaby improvised with an empty wine bottle. She assured me that the cold bottle feels really good in contrast to how charming and wet her twat is. And I believe her because she came really hard all over it. Its not every day that I get to say log on and watch Gaby fuck herself with a bottle so?log on and watch Gaby fuck herself with a nice bottle of merlot. Click here to see more!

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September 13 2011
Posted by latinteencash  [ 06:51 ]

If you are a Karla fan, these are her sexiest images to date. Karla has really grown into her sexuality and she is one of the hottest stars on the internet today. She?s hot and she knows it and she owns it. Karla told me she was feeling devilish today and she wanted to let some steam off by working. Little did I know how serious she was when she said devilish. You?ve got to log on and check this out because Karla is wearing the hottest devil costume I?ve ever seen. It?s skimpy in all the right places and Karla is stacked in all the right places so it works out well. Her breasts look fucking fuckable as they peek out of her fire themed bra and her ass is taking no prisoners around her satin thong. But its gorgeous in hell and Karla takes it off to phat down and because she knows its gonna turn you on. Karla told me that her inspiration for today was the fact that she likes to be the boss and give orders. She likes to be in charge of naughty fun and there is no one naughtier than the devil, well except maybe Karla. Click here to see more!

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September 12 2011
Posted by pacinosadventures  [ 07:39 ]

Sarah is back and looking so fucking cute… Today she decided to dress up as a Latina Maid, just imagine if she showed up at your house dressed up in this outfit. Sarah has a tight body for a petite angel.. She also loves to play to the camera and talk dirty. I found out that she also loves to masturbate when she is alone which probably isn't much considering how hot she is. Watch Sarah let her fingers do the walking!!  She told me that she loves to be crammed hard and its down to do almost anything if she likes the stud enough. Sarah surprised me when she started to finger her ass, it seemed she has done this  Click here to see more!!

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August 30 2011
Posted by latinteencash  [ 06:45 ]

Gigi. What can I say about Gigi. To know her is to love her crazy ass. Gigi called me at seven o?clock this morning telling me she was setting up a booty call with Maria and that they were coming over to fuck in my back yard. Oh, and she told me to have coffee and bagels ready for them. WHAT?!?! But that?s fucking Gigi and what can I say, she?s the boss. Needless to say an hour later G was at the door with Maria. It didn?t take long for the two of them to get naked. Gigi wanted wet crack for breakfast much more than she wanted bagels and she dove into Maria?s crotch headfirst. Not that Maria minded much. In fact, Maria couldn?t get enough of Gigi?s jizz to the point that she was swallowing every drop of it off her fingers. But Gigi wanted more so she asked Maria to strap on a knob so she could ride it. Not only did Gigi ride Maria?s sausage, but she made sure to spread her ass and smack it for you as she did. It was lunchtime before these two horny Latina?s came up for air. The coffee was definitely cold but the lesbian Latina action was charming, marvelous, GORGEOUS! Click here to see more!

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Posted by lazonamodelos  [ 03:06 ]

Do not let her name fool you! Ivy Snow sounds like an innocent chick straight out of a fairy tale but that description couldn?t be farther from the truth. I ran into Ivy Snow on the streets of Texas. She had a super hot body and really sexy eyes so I figured I?d try to land her. We had a quick conversation and I gave her my card. She was completely unimpressed by me so I never imagined she?d call me six hours later to come over. I didn?t know what to expect and when I opened the door I was blown away by her half sleeve tattoo. This chick is inked out! If you like your chicks tattooed up you?ve got to add Ivy Snow to your collection. Aside from all the ink, Ivy?s got perky tits and she says she loves to be titty fucked. Ivy talked the whole shoot telling me how much she likes rough sex. At one point she reached over into her bag and grabbed a blue vibrator and asked if I minded if she got herself off. Ummm?.yea. Ivy?s awesome. Log on and watch her spread her pussy wide for the camera as she fucks her hole and rubs her clit for you. Show Ivy some love because I?d love to get this naughty trollop back for more. Click here to see more!

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Posted by karlaspice  [ 02:20 ]

I love blogging sometimes because it gives me an opportunity to share some of my personal life with you. One of my favorite things to do is to go lingerie shopping with my girlfriends. We probably go every few months or so but we always have an amazing time! One of the best parts is seeing all my hot friends try on these super sexy outfits. I?m not gonna lie guys; we do fool around in the dressing rooms! I mean who wouldn?t? My friends are as hot as I am and we love to turn each other on and watch each other kiss. But I?ll save those stories for another blog! Ha?ha. I have to give you something to look forward to right? Anyway, while we were shopping I found this super cute playmate costume to wear for you. All my girlfriends said I had to get it cause it made me look so hot. Based on all the action I got in the dressing room that day I took their word for it. But I?ll be honest my outfit doesn?t stay on long! What can I say, I?m Karla Spice and as much as I like cute lingerie I like being naked more! Enjoy! Click here to see more!

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August 29 2011
Posted by pacinosadventures  [ 07:37 ]

Today I bring you a new angel who happens to be a mix of latina and asian… talk about an exotic mix! She is tall also, almost 6 ft with legs that go forever! Mika is very passionate also but can be alittle shy when it comes to masturbating on camera but as you'll see in this video she breaks thru any shyness she might have had. Watching her masturbate in the beautiful tub made my day.. enjoy!!! Click here to see more.

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August 16 2011
Posted by lazonamodelos  [ 02:50 ]

Nothing is hotter than a sexy Latina chick with a bodacious ass and a pussy shaved clean. That?s what Natalia Spice brings to the table. Natalia works in this little card shop that sells tourists junky memorabilia to remember their trips with. She is the kind of chick that has no idea how hot she is and that makes her all the more sexy. It took me a few days to convince her to come to my studio and pose for me but promise a chick internet fame and it?s amazing what they?ll do. Natalia came over in hot pants a tank top with no bra and a thong on so we got right to work. I knew she had a smoking body but even I was impressed when this chick started to take it off. Natalia is perfect. Swimsuit issue material for sure! The hottest models have nothing on this one. Natalia has perfect C cup tits with dark nipples that always seem to be hard. She?s got an ass that begs to be smacked as you slam into her from behind and her dark hair is perfect for pulling as she calls out your name. Natalia came over freshly shaved and when she spreads her legs you can tell her pussy is still as tight as a virgins. So check out Natalia as she makes her internet debut here at La Zona Modelos. Click here to see more!

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